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Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is just a few short days away, and if you are anything like Thomas and I you find yourself doing the same thing year after year to celebrate. Cue dinner and a movie. It is not due to the lack of creativity, it is honestly because time gets away and then we find ourselves trying to brainstorm a date night last minute, which omits all creativity and we settle on the easiest plan. I love Valentine’s Day, yes it may be considered a ‘hallmark holiday’, but I love the excuse to purchase/make cheesy valentines and do cute things for one another, so this year I want to be more creative with how we spend Valentine’s Day. This had me thinking about numerous fun (and mostly inexpensive) ways to spend the ‘holiday’ with your significant other or even just with your closest pals, and I narrowed it down to my top 20 ideas:

1. Breakfast in bed: whether you choose to do this the morning of, or have dinner for breakfast, get cozy, relax, & eat in bed.

2. Overnight getaway: Get a hotel room for the night, explore the city, eat, and enjoy a night away from home.

3. Wine night: I love this! Have a wine tasting at home, you can purchase a few wines that you have never tried before, pair it with some good food, good company, and a good show/movie and you have the perfect date night at home.

4. Game night: Invite a few friends over for a friendly competitive night of games, drinks, and snacks.

5. Cook a meal together: This is a great way to enjoy one another’s company, cook a meal together (something that you have never made prior) and the two of you can spend time together preparing the dish and then enjoy eating it too!


6. Fondue night: This is like having a romantic dinner together but with a twist! There are so many fun variations of fondue, you can have it be the main dish and be savory, or you can enjoy it for dessert and go sweet! I like the idea of all of the above!

7. Go out for dessert: If you want to be low-key this Valentine’s Day you can have dinner at home, but still go out to enjoy a sweet dessert, whether it be going to a restaurant and only getting dessert, or hitting up the local ice-cream shop, you need to get your sweets in on V-Day.

8. Home movie night: Get cozy and stay in! Round up all your favorite movies, get your favorite snacks, and watch movies all night long.

9. Indulge on takeout: Calories clearly do not count on Valentine’s Day, so aside from your favorite treats order your favorite takeout food and ENJOY.

10. Beer tasting: Find a local brewery and partake in a beer tasting and or a tour of the brewery.

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11. Wine and paint: Get boozy with your lover while painting a masterpiece! You can usually find great deals for these classes on Groupon.

12. Pot luck dinner: Invite your closest pals over and have everyone bring a dish for dinner.

13. Picnic: If the weather is warm enough pack up a meal and have a picnic, or you can always set up a romantic ‘picnic’ at home if the weather does not permit!

14. Be a tourist for the day: Explore your city as if you were a tourist, partake is things that you wouldn’t normally do, explore and discover new aspects about where you live!

15. Take a bike ride

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16. Dinner Crawl: Have appetizers at one place, then move on to another restaurant for dinner, and then so on for dessert!

17. Take a class together: Nothing brings couples together more than partaking in an activity together, take a workout class or dance class with one another- it could be fun!

18. Go to a comedy show.

19. Drive-in movie: If you do plan to go see a movie, change it up and go to a drive-in theater.

20. Couples massage.



Enjoy & Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo, Nicole



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