Beauty / October 26, 2016


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Earlier in the week I was out to dinner with a good friend, we were at Tuco & Blondie indulging on chips and guac, tacos, and margaritas. Pretty much my ideal night and it only got better as we were walking home and passed by a Lush store. It is no secret that I love a good product haul from Lush; all their products are made with wholesome and natural ingredients and the brand is 100% against testing their products on animals. I love knowing that I am supporting a positive brand that promotes amazing standards and amazing products. So of course we had to walk in and browse all the goodies, we were greeted by an exceptional sales associate and OMG was he wonderful! He convinced me that I basically needed everything in the store. 45 minutes later I walked out with  a bag full of goods and a significant hit to my bank account. Totally worth it. I have been using these products all week and many of them are quickly becoming some of my favorite products. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Lush products, new and old, that you should consider incorporating into your beauty routine, because who doesn’t love finding new must-have products?! 

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Cup O’ Coffee


This product is my boo. I am Obsessed with this stuff! It is a stimulating mask that truly does it all. The fresh coffee grounds not only creates an irresistible scent but it also exfoliates to get rid of any dead skin, which helps to unclog your pores as well. The caffeine awakens the skin and reveals a naturally beautiful glow. I seriously use this mask 3-4 times a week, I have even gotten a few others hooked on it, so basically you need this in your life. 

Mask of Magnaminty 


Since I began using this mask my pores have never felt so clear. No but seriously! I have large pores (*sigh*) and naturally they get clogged, especially on my nose. I cannot stand the appearance of black heads so I have always been on the hunt to find a product that will successfully eliminate the appearance of them and clear out my big ol’ pores. Well this here product is the one! It is a deep cleaning mask that reaches deep into the pores and clears any unwanted debris and buildup. Mask of Magnaminty smells like fresh peppermint and it tingles when it is working, so it is basically incredible. 



Everything about this lotion is perfect. The smell is a delicate lavender scent, but it is not too fragrant making it overwhelming. I was originally attracted to this product because of the scent, but then I was informed that it is a relaxing lotion so I was sold. I use it all day long because I cannot get enough of the smell and how velvety-smooth the almond oils and coco butter make my skin feel. The comforting scent is also suppose to help you sleep a little better, I am sure it is a huge coincidence but I have actually been sleeping slightly better this week sin E I began using! 😉

Mr. Sandman


I have been obsessing with Mr. Sandman as of late. This product is quickly becoming my fav. I hate when you apply hand lotion and you are left with that sticky residue feeling, Mr. Sandman nips that problem in the butt. All you have to do is dust the powder over your hands (or any area) after you have applied lotion, the powder will absorb that residue feeling, leaving your hands feeling like velvet. The powder is full of chamomile and lavender, which as you can imagine creates an exceptional smell AND the powder has a slight shimmer to it, so hello highlight! 😉 I have found that Mr. Sandman and Sleepy compliment each other extremely well, I have only been pairing these two together, but I do not doubt that Mr. Sandman will compliment any scented lotion. 



OMG- I kid you not, I have never loved a product as much as I love Damaged. I have very dry hair due to coloring it and trying to maintain my blond and I am always trying new hair products to make my hair feel soft and healthy. Well, this hot oil treatment does just that. Extra virgin olive oil, almond oil and organic avocado oil nourish dry and damaged hair, leaving it healthy, vibrant, and smooth. I especially recommend this product to anyone who dyes their hair and or has really dry hair during the winter months. You. Will. Love. It!


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Beauty / September 28, 2016

Makeup Muse


I’ll admit it, I am a makeup junkie! I love trying new products to see what products I love and what products I could live without. Makeup shopping brings out my inner child, I get so excited and I. Want. It. All. Whenever my boyfriend, Thomas, & I are walking past Sephora or a makeup counter, he does his absolute best to try and distract me- hoping that this time he will not be suckered into ‘browsing’ makeup for the next hour. I have to swatch all the beautiful lipstick colors, eye shadows, highlighters, and bronzers. I love it. Which is why I am so excited to share this post with y’all! Below I have listed my current favorite makeup products, and why you need them in your life. Like now.

MAC Matchmaster SPF 15 Foundation


This has been my go-to foundation for years! Of course I have tried other foundations that I have liked, BUT I always come back to MAC’s Matchmaster foundation. It is full coverage and lasts for hours- and when I say it lasts for hours, I mean it literally lasts all day! I have worn this foundation for 12+ hours & it looks the same at the end of the night as it did when I applied it in the morning. It is a full coverage foundation, so when you wear it your face will look flawless. To top it off, this foundation contains SPF 15… love it! I always ensure to find a foundation that has some type of SPF in it because it is so very important to protect your skin- lets fight wrinkles early ladies!

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Bronzer: ‘Give Me Sun!’


I recently fell in love with this bronzer and have not used any other bronzer since. It is a universal color, I have extremely fair skin and it looks beautiful with my complexion, but I have also seen it on individuals with a darker complexion and it looks just a beautiful! This bronzer does not go on streaky or muddy, it is perfectly formulated so the application is smooth and flawless- AKA you need this in your life!

Becca X Jaclyn Hill: Champagne Pop Highlighter


Hello, highlight! If you are in need of a highlighter that will amplify your natural beauty then you need Champagne Pop! I love this product because it is not overwhelming, it is a highlighter that is subtle and will accentuate the high points of your cheek, allowing you to achieve a healthy luminous glow.

Cover FX: Custom Enhancer Drops


Uhm, these drops are so amazing! You can add this product to your foundation, primer, serum, and moisturizer to easily and efficiently add highlight to your daily look. A little goes a long way, so make sure you do not over do it, but I promise you that you will fall in love with these enhancer drops!

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Definer


Filling in your brows has never been so easy! The Brow Definer has a unique triangle tip that allows you to easily outline and fill your brows. All Anastasia brow pencil’s have a spooley on the end for the intention to seamlessly blend the color, which really enhances the look of your brow! The Brow Definer is perfect for an individual who is looking to fill in the sparse areas of their brows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Wiz


Yes, I do have both the Brow Wiz & the Brow Definer and yes, I do need them both! When I am looking for my brows to be more defined I use the Brow Wiz- the small tip really allows for that precise and defined look, without looking overdrawn.

Benefit Cosmetics: Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel


Okay, by now you are probably thinking ‘she must be obsessed with her brows’, and I definitely would not say that you are wrong! My natural brows are very small and choppy looking, so I have devoted a lot of time into finding the perfect products that will enhance my brows without them looking like a tattoo. Benefit’s Gimme Brow Gel is so amazing for the days when you are not wearing a lot, or any, makeup. The application is so effortless, on days when I am running a few quick errands I quickly throw this on my brows, without any other makeup, just to hide my natural choppy brows!

Kat Von D: Tattoo Liner


I love a good winged eyeliner look and you cannot achieve the perfect wing without the perfect eyeliner. We have all had those days when we cannot get our eyeliner to match how it looks on the other eye, well let me tell you, those days become way less when you have the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in your life! The flexible felt tip glides across the lash-line smoothly for a fluid application, oh and it is waterproof and will last you ALL day! I also love this product because it is the only felt tip eyeliner that last for months!

Laura Mercier: Translucent Loose Setting Powder


Do you want your makeup to look flawless all day? Then drop what you are doing and purchase the Laura Mercier Setting Powder now! This powder is translucent and lightweight, I apply it to my face once I finish all the liquid products (foundation and concealer) and it does not result in that dreaded cakey feeling. It instantly eliminates grease and unwanted shine, and your bronzer, blush, and highlighter glides over it so smoothly!

Urban Decay: Naked Skin Weightless Complete Cover Concealer


The Naked Concealer has been my go to concealer for the past 3 years and I have yet to find a concealer that will make me change my ways. I am so devoted to this product, but for all the right reasons! My biggest issue with concealer is the fact that so many seem to crease, well not the Naked Concealer, it does not crease and the application is effortless.

Morphe: 350-S Shimmer Nature Glow Eye Shadow Palette


How gorgeous is this palette?! I mean come on! SO beautiful. Morphe’s palettes are all so beautiful, the color combinations are fabulous and they are perfectly formulated to feel creamy even as a powder. I purchased the 350-S palette earlier in the year and fell in love with it and I am loving the colors all over again for fall! Plus most palettes are under $40 and right now they are on sale for $22.99!

ColourPop Individual Eye Shadows

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Okay, last product! I have recently re-fallen in love with these eye shadows, they are individual size and all the color options are gorgeous. They apply so beautifully and are so pigmented! Plus, they are only $5!! Not to mention you receive $5 off of your first purchase…You’re welcome! 🙂