Decor / September 28, 2016

10 Ways to Enhance your Fall Decor


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Fall is officially here y’all! Grab your PSL’s, grab your chunky sweaters, and grab your booties! It’s time to celebrate! Okay, maybe I need to tone it down a little.. But if you couldn’t tell, fall is my absolute favorite season! I love everything about it and I anticipate the cool crisp weather as soon as the 4th of July is over. I am slightly, just slightly, obsessed. I love the fall style, the fall foods, and the fall activities, but one thing I anticipate the most is decorating my house for the season. In this post I am going to detail 10 decorating tips that will for sure enhance your season décor this fall!


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Candles are a must for fall decorating, add them to your tabletop, add them to your coffee table, add them to your mantle- heck add them pretty much anywhere! Candles not only fill your home with amazing fall smells, but they also welcome that cozy fall feeling into your home.

2. Fall Pillows:

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Pillows will literally add coziness to your home décor this fall, I mean, what is more cozy than laying on the couch surrounded by a bunch of great pillows?! Adding pillows to the mix is an easy way to bring the season into your home, not to mention there are so many adorable fall pillows available. Some décor pillows can get a little pricy, so if you are looking to save some cash this fall, look into buying decorative fall pillow covers for the pillows that you already have. Etsy and Pottery Barn are great places to browse various pillows and covers!



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I have found this detail to be the easiest and cheapest way to add fall flare to our décor. You can simply go outside and pick out a few good looking branches, add them to a vase, and Voila! Décor! I have also seen some individuals add a little glitter or frost to them once they are in a vase, just to spice them up a tad, but you can also string some lights throughout the branches as well!

4. Pumpkins!

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Photo Credits: Image 1- The Perfect Palette. Image 2- 100 Layer Cake. Image 3- HomeBNC

This is without a doubt my favorite way to decorate my home in the fall. I love to add small pumpkins to my table and randomly throughout the house. Seriously, nothing screams fall more than pumpkins! I favor the light colored pumpkins, simply because I gravitate towards a neutral color scheme when decorating, but I also add a few orange or green ones as well. However the white ones are also great because you can take a gold marker and  beautifully script season related words on them- this will help enhance the look!

5.Throw Blankets

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Photo Credit: Image 3- Dot and So

There is probably nothing better than spending a cool, crisp, fall evening laying on the couch bundled in a big comfy blanket. Which is why I see it as a must to add various throw blankets to your décor. Drape them over the couch, drape them over a chair, or even fill an accent basket with them- it all works the same!

6. Flowers

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Photo Credit: Image 1- French Country Cottage

Flowers do not have to be restricted for the summer and spring months. Flowers have the ability to make any house feel like home, so try to incorporate them into your décor throughout the entire year. Mums are a wonderful fall accent, they look just as great inside as they do lining your front porch! Also, if you are like me and obsess over white flowers, do not hesitate to add those to your neutral fall color scheme.

7. Banners & Garland

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Photo Credit: Image 3: POPSUGAR

Banners and or garland are a must have in my home during the fall. I think they are so cute and truly accentuate the décor, there are so many banners with adorable phrases, images, and colors that will be the finishing touch. These banners and garland also look adorable intertwined with a strand of lights!

8. Wreath


What would the season be without a festive wreath?! They’re simple, yet amazing, plus there are endless DIY wreath projects that are easy, and look just as great as ones that cost $30+ in stores.

9. Pinecones:

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Photo Credit: Image 1: Shanty 2 Chic. Image 2: The Window Seat

Yes, just yes. During the fall you will literally find pinecones scattered all over the house (my pup loves them). If you have never incorporated pinecones in your fall décor, you definitely should start! I purchase the scented ones from Whole Foods, I am not sure what the scent is but it screams fall, but you can also collect pinecones from the yard and add various scents to them yourself! I will follow-up with another blog post this week on how to make your pinecones scented and have that smell last!

10. Halloween Trinkets:

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, which may elevate my excitement for fall, so I always try to add Halloween decorations to the mix. I have a banner with little dancing skeletons on it, Halloween towels for in the kitchen, ghost lights, and various other small Halloween pieces. You can make the Halloween decorations as subtle or as extreme as you want, and the nice thing about these decorations is that there does not have to be any rhyme or reason to them. Meaning you can go out and purchase random pieces from the store, or use decorations that you have had for years!