Fashion / September 22, 2016

Going Neutral this Fall

Photo: Frency Fancy
Photo: Frency Fancy

Neutral tones have and probably always will be my go to color scheme, I obsess over the way neutral colors can add luxe to any outfit. Soft greys and camel tones create a minimal & classic look, making ones style seem timeless. I find fall to especially be the perfect season to incorporate neutral tones into ones wardrobe, fall is the time to add layering to your style and a neutral color scheme can truly enhance that look. Shop the neutral pieces below that will surely soften and enhance your wardrobe this fall!

Fashion / September 21, 2016

Fall Style Trends

 With the end of September quickly nearing and fall within reach (**cue my overly excited self and pumpkin everything!**),  lets discuss this years top trends for fall!

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Velvet: Velvet is a fall trend that you need to be shopping now, as it has made its presence known on the runway and is a style trend that will enhance  your fall style. Whether you incorporate this fabric as a clothing piece or as an accessory, the rich velvet will bring elegance to any outfit!

velvet5   velvet3  1   velvet7   velvet6

Bell Sleeves: The statement making bell sleeves are a perfect fun and dramatic fall trend that will add pizazz to any outfit!

fullsizerender12   fullsizerender        fullsizerender-1         fullsizerender-2

Bomber Jackets: Bomber jackets have made an unexpected appearance in the fashion world as of recently, and I cannot contain my excitement. This is a piece that can be worn with multiple pieces and provides the right amount of street-wear flare to any outfit.

bomber4 fullsizerender-4  bomber3 bomber2  bomber

Shades of Tan: This fall predict various knits, skirts, and outerwear pieces to be revealing varying shades of tan. Tan is one of the most timeless colors and I am so excited to get my hands on a few of these pieces!

tan2   tan1       tan3       tan4        tan5

The Choker Necklace: My middle school self is loving this trend! Whether you prefer a chunky choker or a choker that is thin an delicate, just ensure that you have one of these around your neck this fall to add a little something more to every outfit.

choker1  choker2    choker3   choker4

Fall Florals: Hold up, florals in fall? Yep! This is a new trend that most associate with spring, however this year we are rocking florals into fall! Designers are adding bold prints to sweaters, skirts, and sweeping dresses.

floral5    floral4   floral2  floral3    floral1